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Home Theatre/Basement Project

Family Group Photos
Explorer 2005 reunion
Duna Labor Day 2004
New Years 2003 party
Francine Maria 7/18/02
Luke Anthony 7/22/04
Owen Donald 3/13/06
Neat Francine Photos
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HDTV Living Room Project
Home Theatre/Basement Project
Wildflowers Front Yard
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Master Bath project
Construction & finished photos
GeoThermal System
Work in progress status(6/22/09 last update).  I'm lucky if I get 5-6 "real" hours/week into the project, gotta balance the kids/family with it.  During the cold Michigan winter months of Dec thru March I've been:
-Dec04 thru March05;  Plan & design,  changed the stairs going into the basement from a "L" layout to a "U" layout, frame all the walls, tighten log wall rod spring system 
-Dec05 thru March06;  Plumbing/partial HVAC 
-Dec06 thru March07;  Finish HVAC, built home theatre seat riser section, re-tighten log wall rod spring system, sealed bond areas
-Dec07 thru May08; Electrical,drywall,paint, DIY subwoofer, Projector/AV equip installed

Mike R DIY Home Theatre/Basement Thread (4yr proj done in 2008!)

130" 2.35:1 DIY curved screen

"Usul": 4 x AE-IB15 line array Infinite Baffle sub

HT basement plan, marked up on original blueprints


Various tool bought to do the job:
The Paslode Framing gun, what a "manly" tool, this has helped put more that 5,000 nails into my project.

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