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Our Family/Log Home Album

HDTV Living Room Project

Family Group Photos
Explorer 2005 reunion
Duna Labor Day 2004
New Years 2003 party
Francine Maria 7/18/02
Luke Anthony 7/22/04
Owen Donald 3/13/06
Neat Francine Photos
Luke Photos
HDTV Living Room Project
Home Theatre/Basement Project
Wildflowers Front Yard
Mountain Biking / Adventure stuff
Master Bath project
Construction & finished photos
GeoThermal System
Here is our Family room home theatre arrangement added 2/2004.
Everything is in the corner due to room layour, works quite nice.
Outside antenna provides OTA "free" HDTV channels.
Onkyo 787 A/V 100w/ch gives 5.1 processing

My family room home theatre set-up

Here is a close up showing the shelfs I made, sub-woofer is there also

Here is a view from our loft, showing the RR surrounds mounted to the cross beam (and a messy room)

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