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Our Family/Log Home Album

Our Helpers

Family Group Photos
Explorer 2005 reunion
Duna Labor Day 2004
New Years 2003 party
Francine Maria 7/18/02
Luke Anthony 7/22/04
Owen Donald 3/13/06
Neat Francine Photos
Luke Photos
HDTV Living Room Project
Home Theatre/Basement Project
Wildflowers Front Yard
Mountain Biking / Adventure stuff
Master Bath project
Construction & finished photos
GeoThermal System
We can't thank our helpers enough for all the time they put in to help make our dream come true.

Mike W insulating the 2nd floor mastrer bedroo
Pat R insulating the garage
The first major job done by us, insulation, with the help of family and friends. On the top is Mike W, then Pat R, followed by Eric W.

Eric W insulating the garage


Mike got fellow coworker Chris G to help out a few days. Here they are putting up log siding in the master closet.


The biggest task--staining all the interior wood. Bob W was one of the first to volunteer. He came prepared for what turned out to be a messy job.

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