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Our Family/Log Home Album

The Upstairs

Family Group Photos
Explorer 2005 reunion
Duna Labor Day 2004
New Years 2003 party
Francine Maria 7/18/02
Luke Anthony 7/22/04
Owen Donald 3/13/06
Neat Francine Photos
Luke Photos
HDTV Living Room Project
Home Theatre/Basement Project
Wildflowers Front Yard
Mountain Biking / Adventure stuff
Master Bath project
Construction & finished photos
GeoThermal System
What a view we will have from the second floor. Not quite this one, but you get the idea! This shows you the dining room below and study above.


We are trying out one of the many fixtures in our Master shower! The 4' x 6' Shower will have for both Mike and Michelle 3 body sprays and a combo victorian overhead 10" rain fixture/removable massage unit. With 1" pipes supplying 22 gallons per minute water flow (from 100 gal H20 heater) you may not need soap to get clean!. (well pump is 2 1/2 hp)


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